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Let’s Talk Lubrication is a resource for maintenance and reliability professionals to learn more about how to adopt lubrication best practices. In this blog feed we cover important topics intended to help industrial customers tackle the most challenging lubrication problems including lubrication management, condition monitoring, fluid reclamation, and the latest in lubrication technologies. 

5 Reasons for a High Velocity Oil Flush

High Velocity Oil Flushing is used to remove debris left behind by pipe fabrication, filter oil, clean the tank, and meet OEM’s flushing spec

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Varnish Removal: Chevron’s Holistic Approach to Tackling Varnish

With the introduction and Group II turbine oils, varnish has presented itself as one of the most prevalent issues facing turbomachinery equipment operators. While ion exchange resin manufacturers and chemical detergent manufacturers have scrambled to offer solutions to combat existing problems with varnish, it wasn’t until recently that Chevron Lubricants developed a two part solution that uses the same technology used to remove varnish deposits to also prevent future varnish formation.

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Planning your next Turnaround with Reliability in Mind

With the 2021 turnaround season quickly approaching, I thought that it might be helpful to point out some key activities to consider as you finalize your plans. While turnaround budgets can be tight especially in our current economic environment, the downstream effects of poor lubrication can impact as much as 30% of a total plant maintenance budget. The following article covers some areas to consider as you plan your next turnaround with reliability in mind

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Turn-Key Reliability – The New Normal in Plant Lubrication

By having a dedicated Lubrication Program Management Company to implement and focus on maintaining lubrication best practices, reliability and maintenance can focus on other areas of their job while ensuring that lubrication is properly managed.

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100 mesh flushing screen

Commissioning & Startup on a Budget – Why Skipping a High Velocity Oil Flush can Cost You

Right around the time that a commissioning and startup project gets ready for a high velocity oil flush, the project is often already well over budget and behind schedule. This makes it very tempting for project managers and their clients to either skip the oil flush or cut back on the quality of the job.

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Lube technician dispensing oil into an isolink container

Building a Lube Room with Reliability in Mind

Share on facebook Share on linkedin Share on email If you’re visiting this blog post, chances are you’re not just interested in building a lube …

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